AirShou Screen Recorder –Download AirShou App for iOS/iPhone/iPad [2018]

AirShou Screen Recorder – Do you want to record your iPhone screen in high definition quality? If YES, then we have an iOS Screen Recorder App for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and that app is known as AirShou Screen Recorder and the main reason to gain huge fame in the market of best iPhone Screen Recorder Apps and almost every third iPhone user using it that are in the video related work.


AirShou Screen Recorder App for iOS



AirShou Screen Recorder



The best thing about AirShou App is that it does not require a jailbreak iPhone or iPad, all you need is to follow simple and easy instructions and you can have this app installed on your iDevices.


Unfortunately, Apple strictly prohibits screen recorder app and always tries to avoid these apps. Apple concerns that malicious screen recording app for iPhone that can run in the background and record the user’s information, negatively affect users without informs them.


That’s why you cannot find any apps on the App Store for this kind of purposes. Well, we can still install the apps from best third-party app stores other than App Store. If you’ve been following our blog iTipsHub than you might know that AirShou, Vidyo, GBA4iOS all these apps need certificates from Apple to work perfectly on the iOS device and the ways to install them always change frequently.


This post on AirShou Screen Recorder and we are trying to provide you the latest info as well as an updated latest version of AirShou App for screen recording.


AirShou Screen Recorder App Features:


  • It has amazing rendering high-quality recording of intensive games and apps with the less processing power.


  • It can record all iOS device’s screen with high resolution (up to 1080p @60FPS).


  • It can record in four different orientations without time limit.


  • It has a feature that saves all recorded videos directly to the Camera Roll.


  • It has the capability to record high-definition videos on all iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, and iPod Touch.


How to Download AirShour Screen Recorder App & Install on iOS Devices?


There are some guides available on how to install AirShou Recorder app that can give you some download links as well. But as we have tested this app, and trust us, they don’t work anymore.



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The main issue we have experienced is when the app installing on our different iDevices, that time the process suddenly stopped and a pop-up appeared that shows “Unable to Download Item” or “Could not be installed at this time” and there are plenty of users who encountered with the same issue.


The best solution for this issue is to install it with Tutu Helper that is listed in one of the Best Apple App Store Alternatives and also known as one of the best third-party app stores for iOS & Android operating system based devices. Once you have installed Tutuapp for iPhone and launch it, and follow all the instructions you can find the AirShou App there that you can download and install directly from the store.


If you don’t know how to find an app on TuTuApp then follow below step by step procedure:


Open TuTuApp Store and search for AirShou, and then tap on Get to download AirShou Screen Recorder.


  • Now download process will start and it takes few seconds only to complete. You can tap on the Manager tab and select Getting to see the app being downloaded.


  • In the Manager tab, tap on the sub-tab manager. From here you can choose all the games and apps you have downloaded via Tutu Helper. To install AirShou, tap on the Install button beside it. Now select Install to confirm if app asked for it.


  • Go back to the Home Screen and you will see the AirShou app icon. At this point, although AirShou has been installed on your device, you still cannot use it yet. Try to launch the app, you’ll get a message saying Untrusted Enterprise Developer.


  • To fix this issue, go to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. Find the app profile that belongs to AirShou and trust it. Now you are done with the AirShou installation process. AirShou is ready to record your iPhone’s screen.


How to Use AirShou to Record iPhone Screen?


  • First, connect your phone to the Wi-Fi and now launch AirShou, and you may be asked to log in using a tv account ( is a gamer community behind AirShou). You can also log in by using your Facebook, Google+ accounts. It’s quite an easy process.


  • Now in the main screen, you will find two options, Broadcast & Record and Broadcast is for gamers who want to broadcast their played games with the community and if all you need is record your device screen and then select Record.


  • Now enter the name of the resulting file, choose Orientation and Resolution (720p Recommend) and tap on Next


  • Now open Control Center by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and tap on AirPlay and choose AirShou. Now AirShou will automatically start recording the screen once the AirPlay connected properly.


  • Now start to perform the tasks on your iPhone/iPad that you want to record and when you’re on home screen, you will see the status bar turning to red. This indicates that the app is running in the background and you’re recording your screen. Once done, go back to the AirShou app and tap on STOP


Final Verdicts:

So now finally you have something to record iPhone screen easily with AirShou Screen Recorder app. If you like this post and our hard work helps you somewhere, then please share this post on social media platforms because it helps us to reach more amazing iOS users like you.

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