Best Cydia Tweaks 2018 – Top 15 List of Cydia Tweaks [Latest 2018 Edition]

Hello to everyone, today we are going to share all-time favorite Best Cydia Tweaks for all our lovely audience. YES, Cydia has some drawbacks like it doesn’t offer something like ‘The Feature Tab’ or ‘Categories’ in App Store. So finding best tweaks or packages on Cydia to install that is kind of frustrating thing.


While we are waiting for such features, let’s take a look at some best Cydia tweaks that will help users who love jailbreaking and Cydia to find the tweaks of Cydia. So we have decided to spend few days installing and testing tweaks and finally, I ended up creating this list, kind of proud.


Best Cydia Tweaks


From the top and necessary tweaks to the tweaks that will be so handy for iOS users, we have shared all the best tweaks for cydia here. Hope it will help you to enjoy Cydia in a new way. If you want to enjoy Cydia in a new way than simply follow Cydia Tweaks 2018 edition.


Best iOS 9/ iOS 10/ iOS 11 Jailbreak Tweaks


  1. Activator

Activator is must use the tweak that almost every iOS users install on their iDevices after they jailbreak their iPhone or iPad. This tweak provides a lot of shortcuts that allow users to use invoke actions immediately, for example, you can assign double tap on status bar gesture to open the app switcher or you can jump to the next song by using the volume up button.


  1. Auxo 3

Auxo 3 is one of the best tweaks for multitasking. It offers three main features, namely multi-center, quickly switcher and hot corners. Multi-center transforms control center to an additional card like other more apps in Multitasking panel, Quick switchers makes the easy process of switching between two apps by just pulling your fingers and Hot corners provide you faster navigation between app switcher, Home screen, and lock screen.


  1. Alkaline

Alkaline allows you to change your iPhone’s Battery, Wi-Fi, and Data indicators without using Winter Board. It comes pre-installed with some default themes but you can also download more from Cydia.


  1. Apex 2

Apex 2 provides you with the perfect interface for the stock iOS folders. You can group up to four additional sub-apps and simply perform a swipe up, swipe down, or double-tap gesture on the primary app icon.


  1. AppLocker

Once you installed this Cydia tweak, you will no longer worry about your privacy. Applocker allows you to protect your data with higher level by setting a passcode for individual apps like Photos, Messages or Facebook. If your device doesn’t have Touch ID supported device, you can also use the password option instead.


  1. Browser Changer

If love to use third-party web browsers such as Chrome or Safari, then it is must have tweak for you because it allows you to change the default browser, which is Safari to the one you should prefer.


  1. Bytafont 3

If you want to change the default font in iOS 9, then you can change iPhone font by using Bytafont 3. Remember that the tweak itself doesn’t come along with any font. After installing Bytafont, you need to open the Cydia, find and download new fonts that want to use on iPhone via Bytafont.


  1. BioLockDown

This jailbreak tweak utilizes Touch ID feature in order to provide users with advanced levels of security. Developed by @rpetrich, BioLockDown not only allows users to protect iOS Apps but also restricts access to toggles and settings panes in the Stock settings app.


  1. Cercube 3

Cercube 3 lets you download videos directly from the YouTube App and save those videos to the Camera Roll. It also allows users to export audio to Music App, play in the background, download videos in 1080p and much more


  1. CCSettings Free

By using CCSettings, you are able to configure Control Center options from settings. You can add some essential toggles like Cellular data, location services, Hotspot, VPN or remove which you don’t want to show.


  1. Camera Tweak 4

Camera Tweak 4 is certainly one of the best tweaks when it comes to click photos on iPhone. This tweak offers better control, a lot of professional features that default iPhone camera doesn’t have. You can also change FPS settings for video, resolution of the photos, a separate focal point from exposure, set times and some more options.


  1. Confero

Confero puts all your apps with notifications into a single folder that allows users to clear the app badges at once by swipe up the app icon or long press on it. You can easily access this folder by tapping on a tiny icon on the status bar or using an Activator gesture.


  1. CallBar

CallBar displays the call interface as a banner at the top of the screen. This tweak allows users to continue using their iPhone without being interrupted by the full incoming call screen.


  1. Screen Recorder

When it comes to iOS Screen Recording Apps, this tweak has been chosen as one of the best one out there and iPhone Screen Recorder apps allow you to record your iPhone screen in high-resolution, different rotations, frame-rates, video formats, and you can also assign an Activator gesture for quick recording.


Some Best iPhone Screen Recorder Apps:

  • AirShou
  • EveryCord
  • Vidyo
  • BBRec
  • QuickTime Player
  • Lonely Screen
  • Display Recorder
  • Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder


  1. Equalizer Everywhere

If you are a huge fan of music, this is your must-have tweak and that is Equalize Everywhere, it makes your audio sound better and improves the sound quality of your speakers/headphones. The sound controller will be added to control center, so you can quickly access from anywhere.


Final Verdicts:

So these are top best 15 Cydia Tweaks for iOS devices and if you this is new for you and you have liked it then don’t forget to share this post with your friends who own iOS devices because these tweaks of Cydia will help them to enhance their iOS experience to the next level.


Updated: April 12, 2018 — 4:17 pm

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