Download iApps4you iOS 10 and Install iApps4you Without Jailbreak on iPhone

Hello, friends, today I am sharing some awesome app lover once again. Yes, this is once again a very awesome and golden opportunity for us to get the premium app for of cost. And, if you are getting and gain this golden chance then you can download iApps4u emulator on your iOS 10/ 10.0.1/ 10.0.2/10.0.3 etc., so you can download and install iApps4you Good news is it’s working without any jailbreak our iOS device.


First of all, How are you guys?  I think that you waiting for an extraordinary third party app then today I will provide you article exact solution for you. And I am saying that all things because I am 100% sure and confident even you need not working to jailbreak your device while downloading and installing this third-party emulator. And I already know that all the third party apps will create some errors, but now you don’t worry about it because I am coming with the latest tricks.



iapps4u ios 11


Actually, iApps4you never simulate with the other third-party apps, because it has its own best features, that too we can change the visibility of app in our desired manner. It means it has very easy and nice user interface. I think previously I have introduced some third party app like Hipstore, TUTU app, and Hackz4iOS etc. I will you the best iApps4u which is quite different and you have to read some following more words to know it perfect configuration and features.


Disclaimer: the whole process of this post is just sharing information for the student and graduate. Who is seeking to know proper educational information? We need not encourage you to get always premium apps for free of cost. Sometimes will be creating technical problems on your device, that’s it.


App info:

  • App name: iApps4you.
  • Category: Free apps platform.
  • App developers:
  • No jailbreak has needed.




iOS Versions:


  • iOS 10.0-10.0.1-10.0.2-10.0.3, iOS 10.1-10.1.1-10.1.2-10.1.3, iOS 10.2-10.2.1-10.2.2-10.2.3, iOS 10.3-10.3.1-10.3.2-10.3.3 & Later.
  • Also iOS 9.0-9.0.1-9.0.2-9.0.3, 9.1-9.1.1-9.1.2-9.1.3, iOS 9.2-9.2.1-9.2.2-9.2.3-9.2.4.
  • iOS 8.0-8.0.1-8.0.2-8.0.3-8.0.4, iOS 8.1-8.1.1-8.1.2-8.1.3, iOS 8.2-8.2.3 & iOS 7-7.3.4.



  • iPhone 6S/6, iPhone 6S plus, iPhone 5S/5, iPhone 5S plus, iPhone 4S/4
  • iPad Mini 3/2/1, iPad Air 2/1, iPod Touch.




  • Any iDevice.
  • iApps4u ( Download from install steps)
  • internet connection


Interesting features:


So, I hope you like iApps4you app and I also love this app and I know its features, but to say frankly it a very cool app for all iOS users. This app provides you not only get the premium app for free of cost, in fact, it has a very awesome interface.


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So, now we are discus some important things about this app.


  • First, its main advantage of this app is it provides all the paid apps for free of cost.
  • And, you can install on your iOS device without any jailbreak.
  • And, if you want to change your Theme then you can easily change your Theme while running the app.
  • This is available in simple.
  • It has very good privacy condition.


How to download iApps4you:


So, friends, since this is Third party app, so, if you want to download it you can download this app from the Official sites like Appstore or play store. But don’t need to worry about installing this app because I have provided a latest download link in the following installing steps. And, you follow this guide then you perfectly download iApps4you.


If you want to download and install this app so you will get a golden chance to use this app on your device. But not only iApps4you, there is so many stocks of Third party app on iOS platform which have similar kind of feature like Zestia, iOSemus, Appnvn Appcake, Appcola etc. and all these apps are really excellent app store like iApps4u. So don’t miss them and have a trail on them at once.


Install iApps4u on iOS 10 & older without jailbreak:


Friends, as I already mentioned before, you cannot download all unofficial app from the app store or iTunes. So, if you want to download and install them then you can use the Safari Browser. Thereafter to install iApps4u follow simple steps.


  • As usual, open your Safari browser on your iOS


  • Now copy this URL and paste it on the browser in the URL box.

  • It would be loaded for few seconds, and then you will menu to installation page of iapps4u. Here are again two options displays.
  • I am selecting the first one, and I clicked on “install (light theme)” option. Then you will move to profile to installation iApps4u page.
  • Guys, those who are using passcode Feature, you need to enter your password.
  • And here, once again tap on install button that has displayed at the Top Right corner.


Warning: all iOS/ iPhone/ iPad devices may not verify the unofficial apps like iApps4u. And, you don’t stop even this notification has displayed.


  • Now, you can continue with the download button at the Right corner.
  • So finally, A Pop-up raised to ask you confirm install iApps4u on this device. And if you don’t that so you can ensure by tapping on install option.
  • Once iApps4u has installed, then tap on the done option to continue further.


That’s it friends at this time and we can find the iApps4u app on our Home screen with all already installed apps. So, I think it’s a golden time to install this app on your device. And once open this app, you can found all the cool apps and games then don’t all of your time for watching them just get download and install them to use on your device.


If you don’t use this ever and you are the new user of this app then you can follow my steps which is given below to know how to use to get apps install and download use……


How to use iApps4u:


Friends, once you have successfully installed and download this iApps4you, so, you need to follow my steps and get knowledge that how to use iOS 10/iPhone/iPad: the following steps are given below.


  • First of all, run iApps4u on your iOS by a single Tap.
  • And, this app helps you download all the apps. But still, if you are not getting this then tap on refreshed to load all the apps available in it.
  • And, then you can choose anyone app among of them and you can wait few seconds to finish the download.
  • Download-apps-from-iApps4u
  • Then, select your favorite app
  • Once, it has downloaded successfully, then you go to file location and tap on to download and install then follow the instructions shows on the screen and you will install it successfully.
  • It’s really very simple guys. So, don’t wait, start now and I hope you will enjoy it.


How to fix not working error:


iOS users always faced that problem that iOS create technical problems when are trying to access all unofficial apps. Most of that problems, you may face untrusted developer, in this time I am going to share with you how to fix untrusted developers error.


For iOS users:

  • Go to settings app on your iPhone device.
  • Now, open generally setting and tap on the profile.
  • Here, you can find recently installed apps. Among them choice iApps4u and tap on trust button.


For iOS 9.2/9.3 and later users:


  • Now, follow the first two points, in the above steps.
  • Now, tap on device management Option and tap on the profile.
  • Here, also, you will fix from now and you can use iApps4u and choose trust option.
  • It will be fixed from now and you can use iApps4u as usual.


So, now I hope you can love this app and enjoy this app iApps4u on your iOS device without any jailbreak struggling this kind of error in future. So we hope this completely help you so much for download and install use and fixing errors on this.




Finally, we 100% sure that you will love this post. We hope this post helps you so much to get all cool and awesome premium app for free of cost.  If you really like this app store and this post also then please try shared this article with your article. Follow our blogs iOS fast updated daily forget more knowledge about this app. If you have any query and doubt so send your comment in the commenting box. We always ready to answer your query.

Updated: April 10, 2018 — 8:01 am

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