iFile for iOS 11| Download iFile iOS 11.1/ 10+ iPhone/ iPad No Jailbreak

Today, I am going to provide you a perfect t article which is completely dedicated on way to download iFile for an iOS device without any jailbreak. Do you need a perfect file manager for your iOS device? Will if you are searching for something that will help you throughout then the iFile iPA iOS application so, here will be the very best option for you.


In this guide, you will learn everything about iFile and download and install procedure iFile on iOS 11 iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. No, any jailbreak required for the installation. an iFile app is quite a famous app for all iOS users and it’s fair to suggest a fairly high percentage of device owners will have at least heard of it.


iFile for iOS


With the help of this application, we are able to do some geeky things on your iOS device and that will happen without any jailbreak. In some places, this application is called the Filza application. The iFile IPA file method is one of the most perfect and very simple and easy to download. These applications download on your iOS device without any jailbreak.


In this in-depth guide of iFile for iOS, you will learn how to download and install iFile IPA on iPhone or iPad without having them to Jailbreak process because with iFIle you can view any file that you wish as well as edit, move, copy, rename, or even delete them. One of the main reasons for having iFIle is that you can easily download and save files from the web using this amazing tool called iFile. These files will be stored in the app and you can manage them as you wish.


iFile for iOS features


In this application, there are so many awesome features of this iFile application that are very beneficial and some following features are given below.


  • iFile will enable the users to even rename, move, manage, and delete the files using this app, one can even zip and unzip and modify their files in the device.
  • The file managers are also helping to store all of your notification in one folder which is very useful for users.
  • And, one can even use the app to transfer file using the Bluetooth o the Wifi within the iFile.
  • One can even make their own MP3 player and have its playlist of your own and all of this with a user-friendly and with much hassle.
  • With this iFile iPA manage you can even delete the order application so basically this application if your final destination to manage everything with regards to storage on your phone.


What is a .ipa File?


IPA file is Apple OS files with the file extension called .ipa and they are somewhat similar to ZIP files, holding the data that is must be needed for an iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch app. All types of app, be they games, media, social networking or any other requirements, a .ipa file in order to work, as do all jailbreak apps and regardless of the type of app.IPA structure is identical, containing a payload file with all the app data, a JPEG or PNG File for the icon and a .plist file with all the app and developer information in it.


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When you download one of these apps via Apple App Store, the .ipa file will be stored on your Mac or PC and this means that the app is a genuine app store once or a jailbreak app, so the download .ipa file you need to use a valid Apple ID. This is so that Cydia Impactor can sign the certificate which will go with the app, and allowing it to use it.


iFile for iOS11| Download iFile IPA for iOS 11.1/11/10+ iPhone/iPad


These are the steps to download iFile IPA for without Jailbreak your device.


  • The very first step to do it to have IPA files on your device, click on the mentioned link to navigate to the correct place: download iFile IPA file from here.
  • Now once you have to download this all you need to have now is Cydia impactors, to download the Cydia impactor click on cydiaimpactor.com.
  • Connect the iOS device of your to the Mac and computer and make sure that you have the latest iTunes installed on your machine.
  • Now after this drag and drop the download IPA file on the cydia impactor.
  • When you do this pop-up will come which be asking your Apple ID and password, if you do not have it then make a simple and easy one with “developer.apple.com”
  • After every of the above-mentioned step is done the downloading and the installation is done very easily.
  • Now one point to remember is that after 7days this whole process has to be redone because the apple account developer will be expired.
  • And before launching the application make sure that you trust this application in setting section the avoid some unnecessary errors.


With this method, you can easily re-install the app every 7 days. This is because the app is signed with a free certificate that lasts for 7 days. Once the period of iFile will crash and you need to re-sign the certificate by reinstalling the app via Cydia Impactor. If you use the developer Apple ID, the certificate will last for one year.


Final verdicts:


This is one of the best file managers you have ever seen which all the IOS users could get make sure gives this one shot to make sure your storage and managing very simple and easy. You can download this app without any jailbreak. Download this application on your iOS device and make the most of it.


The file manager is very useful and very essential in nowadays, the world where space is always running out and this is the awesome one. If you have any queries on this iFile for iOS (iOS 11.1, iOS 11/10/9+ iPhone/ iPad) article so shoot us in comments.

Updated: April 10, 2018 — 9:26 am

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